Tastemakers: Aleali May

Tastemaker Aleali May is only 24 years old and has taken the new age internet level of fame into her own hands by building an Instagram page that showcases her fashion to the world. Not only is she dressing very, very well, with pieces put together that are noticeably on trend but she’s still doing it in a manner that remains fashion forward and aread of time, despite her use of current must have pieces. She’s already collaborated with the likes of Audi USA, Nike, and Adidas, if you know her from social media it may be easy to pin her as just a fashion blogger, but the young business women also works as an image consultant and model (oh yes, she’s gorgeous too if you hadn’t noticed).

In L.A. where she resides, she certainly seems to be popular amongst sneakerheads and Fashion Week goers, and is bringing her name across the globe through her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, all eager to catch a glimpse of some exclusive sneakers or a new slick two piece she’s got on. 

I would call her aesthetic tom-boy chique, the boyish exterior with feminine undertones - the often oversized clothes and barely there makeup with her natural flowing hair, makes her fashion choices look effortless, but they often include subtle use of great structure or cohesive colour palettes that makes her taste easy on the eye. A great mixture of casual menswear and high end women’s pieces.

While studying at Columbia College Chicago in 2010, she began her career in fashion working for Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery, she then moved to New York city after college and has since returned to her base in L.A., working with friend and owner of FourTwoFour on Fairfax, Guillermo Andrade for a while. Aleali decide to publish her fits and outings on her self-titled blog and website, from then on her career grew. Aleali ended up styling Kendrick Lamar for the Yeezus Tour, so you know she’s got an eye for fashion fits if she’s in the presence of Hip-Hop greats. While speaking with complex and reflecting on her next career move, she commented that Millennials, I guess we don’t really have a hall of fame for a lot of the things we’re doing. There’s really no rules, you know?” and we’re all with her on that one. No boundaries. 

Follow the busy beauty on her social media platforms (Instagram & Twitter) and check out her site www.alealimay.com for fashion forward ideas and a little bit of wardrobe envy.