GARMS - Briana Wilson x MATTE Brand

Briana Wilson is a 23 year old designer originally from Texas and also the owner of MATTE brand. If your an avid user of Twitter or the Gram, it’s likely that you’ve heard of her clothing or at least seen a picture of some gorgeous girl wearing her simple and hitting designs. 

 Brianna wearing MATTE swimwear.

Brianna wearing MATTE swimwear.

MATTE focuses on basics - the wardrobe essentials that make the foundation for any outfit and with the popularity of leggings, leotards and unitards in fashion over the last year or so, it seems as though her designs are really gaining the popularity they deserve. 

Briana is also a model and moved to New York City in 2014 with the hopes of propelling her modelling career further but I guess her inner entrepreneur was hungry to build and so she ended up creating her clothing line from the ground up. She literally designs all the pieces, buys the fabrics and then gets them made. When speaking to Fader Briana said that “When I first started, I worked with girls that could just sew clothes. So it wasn’t as technical as it is now. I was just meeting girls that could sew like, “Hey, can we make this?”” And since then has moved into production with a larger company because of the demand - she’s taking over a 100 orders a week and isn’t even in any stores. The brand is purely e-commerce and all marketing has been done through her utilising her social media platforms - looks like all that time spent on ya phone could be making you some coins!

In my opinion, a key factor in making Briana’s brand unique from other online designers is not only the gorgeous designs but her influence and effortless trend setting, through using beautiful women of colour who represent various body types - as she said herself “It’s time for black women to be appreciated. If they look bomb, they are. Whenever I am planning a shoot or I’m thinking of marketing something or I get input from other people, they may think that a certain look is, “more professional.” But, I think that black women look really good and it’s time for people to start realizing that.” We’re with you Brianna!

Having celebrities such as Draya, Karrueche and Kim Kardashian wearing her clothing can give you an idea of the product quality and need for such simple designs that showcase a women’s body in all shapes and sizes. With designs that are that essential, it’s only right that others will try and emulate, and the internet spoke up when Kanye released his most recent Yeezy season 4 collection at Roosevelt island with a whole lot of ‘essentials’ in the mix when it came to the unitard and leotard extravaganza that used simple designs in neutral palettes reminiscent of MATTE. Maybe it’s a lil messy to assume but the influence that a small time designer like Brianna seems to be having is pretty huge. Yeezy ain’t the only one inspired because there are a number of online boutiques who have since started to create a ‘basics’ range that reflects the short sets and the simple neck line details on their full body suits, that look the same as details within the MATTE brand range - but alas if they copy then you must be doing something right, right? We just gotta remember where it started. 

You’e gotta commend someone so young for creating a business from scratch, with no experience or schooling within the fashion field, who’s able to create quality and style just through trial and error, and constant perseverance. Brianna is now based in LA and has been designing pieces for a new, much larger range to hit the site, so we’re on the look out for how the sunny state may be shaping her inspiration in future. So far she has newly launched the MATTE Denim range with cute cut off shorts and oversized jackets which you can check out to add to the collection of variety which already includes the range of leotards, bodysuits, swimwear and cute dresses. 

Shop MATTE brand online and follow their Twitter and ‘Gram to keep up to date with the latest releases. You can also follow Briana Wilson on her personal Twitter and Instagram.

Have a look through all the bomb brown girls she’s got rocking MATTE brand below. *Takes out credit card* I’m sold.